About the Artist


I'm Jewels, principle photographer and creative mastermind behind the curtain of Fringe Fox Studios.


My journey into the world of professional photography began in 2012. Previously, I'd spent years working in theatre/concert production with my area of focus being lighting and video for the stage. It was thrilling to craft an atmosphere that was visually stimulating and that lent a hand to the mood of the performance.


As much as I loved live production, (and still do!) I craved more creative freedom and personal fulfillment in my work, so I began to explore other ideas.


Being a professional photographer was never on my radar despite the fact that I've always enjoyed taking photos. It had just been a fun outlet to document my life. The notion of making photography a career sort of snuck up on me - ninja style. And so the journey began.


Photography, like live productions allows a story to be brought to life and realized. It demands a disciplined eye and a flexible mind. Albert Einstein is quoted saying, "creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought."


This is the challenge I embrace as an artist and one that I revisit every time I approach a shoot. Whether it is photographing a wedding, taking someone's portrait, or some other kind of engagement, I am always striving to find a unique angle that captures the essense of that moment or person.


I believe every person offers the world a bit of beauty and carries their own special narrative. We all weave our individual stories of life into the greater tapestry of humanity.


It is my privilege to tell your story. From the smallest of details to the grand scope of your event, my goal is to capture authentic moments and emotions to be remembered for decades to come.



Photographic Artist | Amatuer Baker | Adventure Junkie | Mini Cooper Enthusiast | Hygge Lover | Chocolate Fiend | Fitness Trainee | Colorado Native | Fox Aficionado | Introvert | Idealist | Nature Admirer | Soccer Fanatic | Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister

The Fringe Fox Mission

We are dedicated to crafting unique artwork that tells a story, conveys a concept, and memorializes precious snipets of time. We value our clients and devote ourselves to exceptional customer experiences. Our goal is that you walk away with a smile on your face and inspiring artwork in your hands.