Steve and Allison’s Wedding

I sat here for awhile trying to think of how to sum up this wedding…which apparently seems to be no easy task for me. Was it fun? Yes! (how could it not be with such a spunky couple…and their friends and family). From the start of the ceremony all the way through to the reception, there was an undertone of joy and amusement. It was an amazing party with a talented live band that kept everyone dancing all night.  Was it beautiful? Absolutely. The attention paid to details from the groom’s cuff links, the bride’s bouquet memorial charms, the elaborate tablescapes, Louie’s outfit, the florals, the cake…it was all so beautiful. Was it meaningful? Yep. Their spoken vows were personal, thoughtful and expressed their personalities. The dessert bar for the guests to pack an assortment of goodies to take with them was a heavenly/sinful combo rolled in chocolate.

But above all these wonderful elements, the thing that resonated the most with me was the unique sincerity that this couple possesses. They do things the way that is true to them. There was no ceremony to stand on. They were simply themselves and had the freedom to express all the love, all the fun, all the energy and excitement that they felt and that attitude was contagious. They are such warm and engaging people and really know how to draw people into their happiness. It was an honor to be apart of such a special day and it was my privilege to watch as these two wonderful people joined their lives together. We wish you both all the best!


Photography by Jewels Quedenfeld of Fringe Fox Studios

Second Photographer: Tiffany Fulmer

Venue: River Crest Golf Club and Reserve

Wedding Coordinators: Ronnie and Phyllis from Eventricity

Floral Artist: Risher Van Horn

Cake Artist: Cake Art

Band: Slippery Band

Hair Artist: Voula from Velour

Makeup Artist: Jodi Levinson