Bryan and Cierra’s Wedding

Friday the 13th is taboo for many people, but not Bryan and Cierra who braved this superstitious date for their wedding day. The day started out gloomy, cloudy and rainy and I walked into the day thinking, “Cierra is going to be so bummed that it’s raining on her wedding day that is supposed to be held outside.” I’ve seen how much the rain can dampen a bride’s spirits and hopes for her day and that can be hard to watch. So when I got to the hotel, walked into the Bridal suite and found Cierra all smiles and relaxed…(SMILES AND RELAXED!) I couldn’t help but feel the same way. And that was the way the whole day went with both Bryan and Cierra. They were both so calm and happy despite a few other circumstances that would’ve sent many other couples in to a stress spiral. They were such a joy to be around and watch interact with their family, friends and each other. And awesomely enough, the rain stopped in time for their ceremony to be held outside. The evening turned into an absolute beautiful one with the sun making it’s first appearance in many days.

One of the things that I really appreciated about Cierra when I first met her was her authenticity. She wasn’t interested in a lot of the trimmings that come with many weddings. She just wanted to enjoy her celebration with the people that meant the most to her and that is exactly the way their wedding felt. I think they were both so calm because it didn’t matter that much to them if everything was “perfect” or not. They were thrilled that this was the day they were getting married and excited to share that with their family and friends. I was honored to witness moments of pure emotion; from Bryan’s letter he wrote to Cierra before the wedding (and had everyone within ear shot in tears), to his smile when he saw Cierra coming down the aisle, to Cierra’s emotional dance with her brother in honor of their father who passed away, to happy tears shed from beautiful words spoken by friends during the toasts, and dozens of other lovely exchanges between family and friends spending time together.  Those were the authentic moments that make weddings worth attending and that always remind me of how amazing it is to share our lives with other people.

So thank you Bryan and Cierra for sharing your love with us all and letting us all be apart of that experience for a day! You are both such kind and sweet people. Quality people.  I wish you all the best as you continue your journey together and raising your precious little Charlie.


Photography by Jewels Quedenfeld of Fringe Fox Studios

Second Photographer: Tiffany Fulmer of Tiffany Fulmer Photography

Videography by Derek Lavon Dienner of Lavon Films

Floral Artist: Danielle Kerins of Ridley Park Florists

Cake Artists: The Master’s  Bakers

Hair Artists: Tuscany Salon

Makeup Artist: LaToya Tisby

Venue: The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia

DJ: Walter Taylor