Rasul & Jenelle’s Wedding

I met Rasul and Jenelle through my sister-in-law, Samantha. Jenelle and Samantha have been best friends from childhood so naturally I was excited to be shooting this wedding.  I immediately liked Rasul and Jenelle when we met to do their engagement shoot. They are not the type of people who love being in front of the camera so it was my challenge to help make them feel more comfortable and allow them to let their personalities shine through any nervousness. It was not hard to see their fun loving and warm personalities. What stood out the most to me was how much they enjoy being with each other. They could make each other laugh by one look. They both have these infectious smiles and I had an enjoyable time getting to know them a bit before their wedding day.

Fast forward to October 18th, they chose to have a morning wedding, so we got started EARLY with all the preparations. Despite the cold fall morning and the early hour, this couple was all smiles. Their friends and family created one of the best atmospheres I have had the privilege to photograph in. Everyone was so relaxed, positive and excited. It was the way I think most people hope their weddings will be. Their ceremony was held outside in the brisk weather and despite the temperature, the sun was shining and lit up the pretty fall colors. The rest of the day was filled with some pretty wild weather, rain, snow flurries, wind….but it was calm and beautiful for the ceremony. Jenelle and Rasul’s ceremony was simple and genuine. I loved seeing such an intimate love the two of them allowed us all to be apart of as they said their vows.

Their reception was one big party with fabulous food and a lot of great entertainment from their wedding party, to their DJs, to their fun guests. Lots of dancing, food, and friends celebrating with each other made the afternoon one that everyone will be remembering for a long time!